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What to write in the section " about yourself» On most free online dating sites (Mamba, for example) and social networks there are sections "about yourself". So you can effectively get acquainted with the girls, you need to approach the design of your page VC or Dating site complex. napisat-o-sebe That is, to pay attention not only to high-quality photos, but also to what is written in the section "about yourself", "interests", "inspire" etc. Of course, the girl first pays attention to your photos. But after watching at least run eyes all over the page. And from what she sees there, she has a certain impression of you. The most interesting thing is that most guys do not write anything in their questionnaires because of their laziness or lack of imagination. And here you can take advantage of that will be beneficial to distinguish you from the crowd. It is important to make the right message in such information. The most common mistakes in filling in the "about me" section» The guy shows how good, sweet and diligent he is. However, girls prefer a completely different type of guy, the opposite of the described type. The guy tries to please the girls: he writes that he is "smart", "good", "knows how to do something" and the like. What is important to show in the section about yourself on your page You are a successful guy. You are fond of certain things, do not like to waste your free time. You're popular with girls. You're self-sufficient. You are open to new acquaintances and adventures. What can I write in the section about yourself. Examples LIMITED EDITION I don't do drugs, I am a drug. Happy. Not a gift�� I strive for things that most people don't even think about! Also in the "interests" section you can specify the following: Personal growth, free lesbian dating sites, goal achievement, psychology, Finance, Internet marketing, business, training, fashion and style, Sambo, Boxing, interesting adventures, travel… Can inspire unusual things : Inspiring: smuggling From a parallel universe, achieved goals, new… If you are in a similar spirit will fill in sections about yourself, then your conversion rate with the girls will grow significantly. And you'll find it easier to meet. Good luck!

The perspective of time is very useful.

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